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IO Typhon by Harper Feist

IO Typhon


AuthorHarper Feist
PublisherGrayle Press
ReleasedFebruary 2024
InfoLimited HC, Deluxe HC
Contracted to layout/design interior of book and cover.
LinkMiskatonic Books

Original Marketing Description

Step into the realm of IO TYPHON Limited Hardcover from Grayle Press, available exclusively at Miskatonic Books. Authored by the esteemed Harper Feist, this transgressive hymnal unveils a daring exploration of Typhon-Set, the ultimate god of revolt, revolution, and revision.

Drawing from ancient myths, Feist intertwines the tales of Typhon and Set, creating a powerful Kemetic synthesis invoked through the Greco-Egyptian Magical Papyri. The seven invocations within, including bold reinterpretations of the Book of Job and Liber Ararita, serve as a conduit for unleashing the ferocious daimon. Typhon-Set, the God of Confusion, is summoned to shatter foes, dissolve bonds, topple regimes, and pave the way for transformative new beginnings.

Sensual and shocking, these invocations bring forth a deity that blends agony and arousal, offering gifts of freedom, pleasure, power, and gnosis. This second installment in the Grayle Press series follows the acclaimed Lioness: A New Hymn to Inanna, maintaining a sleek 3.5″ x 6″ format perfect for standalone appreciation or alongside its predecessor.

Harper Feist, a PhD holder in Physical Chemistry and an ordained Priestess in the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, channels two decades of magical practice into this visionary work. Known for hosting Thelema Now! Podcast and teaching at the Blackthorne School, Feist resides in Rochester, NY, with two feline companions.

A limited run, adorned with captivating artwork by Rowan E. Cassidy (@rowanecassidy), the IO TYPHON limited hardcover is slated to arrive in March 2023. Act swiftly; this unique edition is anticipated to sell out rapidly, offering seekers of esoteric wisdom a rare and profound journey into the mysteries of Typhon-Set.

Limited Edition:

  • Only 219 hand-numbered copies
  • Size: 3.5” x 6”
  • Approximately 190 pages of 100-lb cream paper
  • Three black-and-white illustrations and seven sigils by Rowan E. Cassidy
  • Stamped spine overwrapped in gray leather
  • Cover bound in crimson bookclothe
  • Black slipcase
  • *2” image of dragon foilstamped on cover and slipcase
  • Viscera-like endpapers
  • Gray and red headbands
  • Smythe sewn

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