Shane Ryan Staley

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Book & Web Design Projects

Welcome to the chilling domain of Shane Ryan Staley, where nightmares come to life through the pages of books and the immersive realms of the web. As a seasoned professional in the realm of horror, Staley has been contracted for an array of spine-tingling book and web design projects, showcasing his unparalleled talent in both book and web design.

Within the eerie confines of this portfolio, you’ll encounter a plethora of hair-raising tales brought to life through Staley’s meticulous design work.

Latest Book Designs

Staley’s book designs stand as testaments to his mastery of visual storytelling. Whether it’s crafting haunting cover art that beckons readers to delve into the unknown or meticulously typesetting text to evoke an atmosphere of dread, his designs serve as gateways to worlds where fear reigns supreme. Each project is a testament to his ability to capture the essence of a story and translate it into a visual experience that lingers long after the final page is turned.

Latest Website Designs

In the realm of web design, Staley’s creations are nothing short of immersive nightmares. Navigating through his web projects is akin to embarking on a journey into the darkest recesses of the human psyche. From interactive experiences that blur the line between reality and fiction to seamlessly integrated multimedia elements that heighten the sense of unease, Staley’s web designs plunge users into a maelstrom of terror from which there is no escape.

GrimWorld NFT Marketplace

Miskatonic Books

Death To Humans Publishing


IndieMuses (Private Networking Site)


Whether you’re a horror aficionado seeking the next spine-chilling read or a business in need of a web presence that leaves visitors trembling in fear, Shane Ryan Staley’s portfolio of book and web design projects is a testament to his unparalleled skill in bringing nightmares to life. Enter if you dare, but beware — once you’ve glimpsed the horrors within, there’s no turning back.