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The Summoning by J. F. Gonzalez

The Summoning

Project Details

EditorShane Staley
AuthorJ. F. Gonzalez
PublisherDarkside Digital
ReleasedOctober 2010

Original Marketing Description

The Summoning contains 7 collected tales of Lovecraftian-inspired nightmares from J. F. Gonzalez. Featured in this collection are two original pieces: “Holes” and “The Summoning” (co-authored with Mike Baker).

This collection includes:

  1. Opening The Way: An Introduction
  2. Tattoos
  3. Going Home
  4. The Revenge Of Cthulhu
  5. Holes
  6. The Man Who Had A Death Wish
  7. The Summoning
  8. The Watcher From The Grave

Each story contains special story notes penned by the author.

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