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The Living and the Dead by Greg F. Gifune

The Living and the Dead

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EditorShane Staley
AuthorGreg F. Gifune
ReleasedJune 2013

Original Marketing Description

The rains came, and with it, the beginning of the end…and a night unlike any other…

Dempsey, an old man and a hopeless alcoholic, lost in his world of night stories and a past riddled with horrors and regrets too damning to face… Christopher, a clinical psychologist trapped in a dying marriage, the victim of childhood violence and abuse so horrific even he cannot fully remember the truths behind them… Anita, a secretary and mistress to her boss, separated from her husband and searching for the happiness that has always eluded her… Lana , a woman on the run, a thief drowning in guilt and pursued by demons she can never hope to escape… Lennox and Perry, a young and hedonistic couple drifting aimlessly through life and looking for thrills to make their empty existences worth living… Duck, a lonely and troubled Vietnam vet who finds solace in caring for stray cats and doing his best to forget the horrors of his past…

As the storm hits, seven lost souls are forced together in the small isolated town of Tall Tree Junction. But the storm has brought with it more than torrential rains…it has awakened a terrifying and enigmatic creature that preys on Man’s darkest fears, and brings with it, the ghosts of the past. Night falls, and that which separates the living from the dead is no more…

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