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The Godhead Trilogy by James Morrow

Project Details

EditorShane Staley
AuthorJames Morrow
PublisherDimension House
ArtistColleen Crary
ReleasedJuly 2004
InfoSets Produced: 26.
Price: $450 / 3-book set.
Additional perfect-bound chapbook, THE GODHEAD TRILOGY: REFLECTIONS AND REFRACTIONS by James Morrow, featuring original material!

Original Marketing Description

The Godhead Trilogy

Dimension House’s first project is the classic SF/Fantasy series The Godhead Trilogy by James Morrow. Produced as a genuine leather-bound 3-book set, this series is housed within one hand-crafted buckram slipcase. Each book in the series features its own unique gold foil stamped artwork on the cover as well as marbled endpapers and bound-in ribbon marker. The special slipcase features an original foil design. This set will only be produced as a limited edition of 26 sets created, each book signed by the author and numbered.

Book 1: Towing Jehovah

God is dead. “Died and fell into the sea.” That’s what Raphael, a despondent angel with luminous white wings and a blinking halo, tells Anthony Van Horne on his fiftieth birthday. Soon Van Horne is charged with captaining the supertanker Carpco Valparaiso (flying the colors of the Vatican) as it tows the two-mile-long corpse through the Atlantic toward the Arctic, in order to preserve Him from sharks and decomposition. Van Horne must also contend with ecological guilt, a militant girlfriend, an estranged father, sabotage both natural and spiritual, a crew on (and sometimes past) the brink of mutiny, and greedy hucksters of oil, condoms, and doubtful ideas.

Book 2: Blameless in Abaddon

In Towing Jehovah, the discovery of the two-mile-long corpse of God in the mid-Atlantic proved a serious menace both to navigation and to faith. But was God truly dead, as the nihilists and the New York Times believed? In Blameless in Abaddon, his body–comatose yet far from inert–has been hauled from its temporary resting place in the Arctic to Florida, where it has become the Main Attraction at Orlando’s Celestial City USA. And now one Martin Candle, a small-time and sore-afflicted judge practicing in Abaddon Township, Pennsylvania, proposes further travels for the Corpus Dei: to the World Court in the Hague, to answer for history’s injustices large and small. In his quest to counter the world’s great theodicies, Martin embarks on an astonishing odyssey through the mind of the creator, where Lot’s wife proves a most convenient way of adding salt to a margarita glass, early hominids vigorously debate Augustinian doctrine over jasmine tea, and Martin’s alter ego, Job, keeps an eternal vigil atop his dung heap. Once the Trial of the Millennium has begun, Martin will understand why Abaddon is another name for Hell.

Book 3: The Eternal Footman

God’s body has self-destructed and His skull is now in orbit directly above Times Square, triggering a plague of “death awareness” and causing the United States to resemble fourteenth-century Europe during the Black Death. As the epidemic accelerates, two people fight to preserve life and sanity: Nora Burkhart, a schoolteacher who will stop at nothing to rescue her only son, and Gerard Korty, a brilliant sculptor struggling to to create a masterwork that will heal the metaphysical wounds caused by God’s abdication. Among other apocalyptic wonders, Morrow depicts a pitched battle between Jews and anti-Semites on a New Jersey golf course … a theater troupe’s stirring dramatization of the Gilgamesh epic … and the villainy of Dr. Adrian Lucido, founder of a new church in Coatzacoalcos and inventor of a cure more dreadful than any disease.

Godhead Trilogy

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