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The Darklands Project Edited by Shane Ryan Staley

The Darklands Project

Project Details

EditorShane Staley
AuthorsMichael Laimo
Gerard Houarner
Louise Dragon
DF Lewis
John B. Rosenman
James S. Door
Ken Goldman
Paul Bates
Bob Crouch
Cathy Buburuz
Corrine de Winter
Mary Winters
Michael Thomas Dillon
John Downing
Chris Friend
Barbara Malenky
Phylis Pyle
Scott Thomas
Augie Wiedemann
Bob Crouch
Suzanne Donahue
J. F. Gonzalez
Douglas Hewitt

& many more. Exact contents have been lost over time.
PublisherDarklands Press
ActiveJanuary 1997-January 1999
InfoThis magazine series was edited by Shane Staley and was comprised of 4 total issues. Produced as a black and white staple-bound ‘zine.

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