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The Cleansing by Shane Ryan Staley

The Cleansing
EditionPublisherDate of Publication
Limited HardcoverBloodletting BooksJuly 1, 2005 (Sold Out)
PaperbackBloodletting BooksJuly 1, 2005 (Out of Print)
eBookDarkside DigitalNovember 4, 2010

Original Marketing Description

Chris Tyler’s world has collapsed. A final touch from his dying father causes a mysterious change in him. Now he is plagued by visions that are leading him back to his father’s lot at a desolate campground. Chris searches for an answer about who his father really was. He discovers that his father had participated in a bloodletting ritual that was performed to cleanse his soul of darkness. What came out of the cleansing was an evil like no other . . . one that has outlived his father and is waiting to take over his flesh and blood.

Chris soon discovers that something his father had done years before his own birth has upset the balance of creation. Teamed up with two other men who had participated in the cleansing ritual, Chris must fight the embodiment of evil, God’s wrath and a ravenous parasite in order to save mankind.

Artwork by Mike Bohatch.

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