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River Runs Red by Jeffrey J. Mariotte

River Runs Red

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EditorShane Staley
AuthorJeffrey J. Mariotte
ReleasedNovember 2013
InfoLimited HC

Original Marketing Description

Book 1 of The Border Trilogy

A reporter for an independent weekly newspaper in El Paso finds herself strangely thrilled to cover murder stories, even while her beloved brother is dying in a nearby hospital room.

A CNN correspondent trapped in an underground prison in Iraq finds unexpected salvation.

A CIA agent assigned to run Operation Moon Flash, the agency’s covert psychic investigations program, has to step up when his psychics start to die, one by one.

An anthropologist searches an ancient rock art site near a small Texas town on the Rio Grande, hoping to find clues to her father’s disappearance.

When these characters come together, they will confront their own pasts and one another as combatants in a supernatural war spanning the eons and the continents, all linked by the raging currents of the world’s rivers… with the fate of Earth itself hanging in the balance.

River Runs Red is an ambitious epic of a supernatural thriller blending spy fiction with flat-out terror. Character-driven and fast-moving, River Runs Red has more unexpected twists and turns than a mountain stream.

Note! The DarkFuse edition of River Runs Red contains an exclusive, all-new introduction to the Border Trilogy.

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