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Redemption by Shane Ryan Staley

EditionPublisherCover ArtistDate of Publication
eBookDarkside DigitalMike BohatchMarch 22, 2011

Original Marketing Description

Shane Ryan Staley brings you one of the year’s most shocking and emotionally-charged tales.

Redemption is a novella about how the balance of life affects us, in death and on God’s terms.

John wakes up to the fact that the balance in his life is horribly wrong. While neglecting his family for work, he suffers a terrible loss. His son has disappeared. During the months that follow, his life is ripped apart.

The mystery of his son’s disappearance is slowly unraveled as part of a plan to rid the world of evil.

In order to get redemption, John realizes that there is only one road he can travel.

A road that twists through Hell.

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