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Psychotica by Shane Ryan Staley

EditionPublisherDate of Publication
Limited HardcoverShocklines PressMarch 30, 2004

Original Marketing Description

Perhaps the most disturbingly dark and dementedly humorous short story collections ever written. Shane Ryan Staley (author of I’LL BE DAMNED and LUSTER) has made a name for himself as one of the most daring and outrageous hardcore horror authors in print. PSYCHOTICA contains 11 hilariously outlandish, in-your-face short stories, 7 of them written specifically for this collection. Experience 26,000 words of fiction that will make you shake your head and laugh out loud at Staley’s over-the-top humor and skewed perception at the world we live in.

Table of Contents

  1. Demonica and the Dream House
  2. The Mind’s Filthy Lesson
  3. The Red Balloon
  4. Last Days of Summer
  5. You’re the One For Me, Fatty
  6. Hell Is Where the Heart Is
  7. Por No Moo Vee
  8. Raise the Lord
  9. Dead Memories
  10. The Giant Man
  11. Psychotica


“You’ve heard the expression ‘through the glass darkly’?  Forget that.  The looking glass that Staley uses to view our world isn’t just dark—it’s fucking obsidian.  What you call religion, he terms mind control.  Where you see a prom queen, he sees a crack whore.  Staley is a writer that focuses on the positive.  He’s positive that everything sucks.”

—Brian Keene, Author of The Rising, Fear of Gravity

“Shane Ryan Staley’s got guts.  With today’s politically correct atmosphere, his no-“holes” barred style of fiction begs to be condemned, chastised, burned at the stake…but his words just keep pulling you along, dragging you into the lives of characters who have turned society’s most natural instincts upside-down and inside-out.  With a grin and a nervous glance over your shoulder, you’ll enjoy these stories.”

—Kurt Newton, Author of The House Spider and Dark Demons

“Staley’s basic recipe is to combine large portions of sex and violence, season with human sympathy, shake vigorously and serve piping hot.”

—Garrett Peck, Hellnotes

“Staley, the head honcho at Delirium, admittedly isn’t for everyone. He specializes in the most in-your-face, defiantly brutal and iconoclastic horror fiction around. He’s got a particularly large and unpleasant chip on his shoulder when it comes to organized religion, too…this is well-executed, extreme horror.”

—Jim Lee, Scavenger’s Newsletter

“Say what you like about Shane Ryan Staley, a lot of people have during his time as a fiction writer, but no-one could ever accuse him of being subtle. His stories are the fictional equivalent of a baseball bat hitting you in the face….This is horror by the seat of the pants – quick fixes of dark humour, OTT violence and major mayhem.”

—Paul Kane, Terror Tales (UK)

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