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Haunter of the Threshold by Edward Lee

Haunter of the Threshold

Project Details

Project LeadLarry Roberts (Publisher, Production)
Shane Staley (Publisher, Editor)
AuthorEdward Lee
PublisherInfernal House
ReleasedMay 2009
Info174-copy limited HC
26-copy deluxe HC

Original Marketing Description


As a closet nymphomaniac suffering from the sickest fetishes ever cataloged, Hazel Greene has enough problems; being secretly in love with her attractive (and very pregnant) mentor Professor Sonia Heald doesn’t make things any easier. But now’s her chance to reveal her secret and perhaps cure herself of her unmitigated sexual sickness, as she and Sonia embark on a picturesque road trip to a gorgeous New England countryside. Hazel prays that the clear blue skies and clean country air will do her a world of good…


So what if the cabin’s previous owner committed suicide? Hazel doesn’t believe in ghosts. But she’ll soon learn that things worse than ghosts haunt the cabin and the twilight deeps that surround it. Her dreams mutate into the most revolting nightmares, tinted by sexual abominations and carnal acts so repugnant they beggar at even her demented mind. The suicide letters are macabre enough, but when she and Sonia find the bizarre, crazily angled crystal…


The crystal is no mere gimcrack – it is a totem over ten million years old, and in its blood-red depths Hazel sees not only ghastly, indescribable monstrosities but a perverted demesne that makes hell look blase. Sicker and sicker Hazel becomes as she learns the crystal’s chasm-black secrets as well as its true and absolutely unspeakable purpose–the crystal, yes, the Shining Trapezohedron… Now, at last, the sequel to H.P. Lovecraft’s mind-boggling tale, “The Haunter of the Dark,” as only the outre imagination of Edward Leecould conceive. Join Hazel and Sonia on their ever-downward spiral through cosmic depravity, eldritch horrors, and a swooning, gut-churning cesspool of para-dimensional sex, in one of the hardest-core horror novels of ever written…

Features of the limited edition:

This edition bound in black leather and python patterned binding

Features of this deluxe edition:

  • Bound in Moroccan (goat) and Python
  • Custom made traycase also bound in Moroccan and Python
  • Original artwork framed in traycase
  • Color interior artwork and signature sheet
  • Printed on 70 lbs archival, acid neutral paper
  • Includes a full size ARC reading copy that fits into the traycase

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