Sinister Screens

2-Star Movies


Night Shift

Night Shift (2024) ★★

Overview Fear never sleeps. A young woman working her first night shift at a remote motel begins to suspect that she is

Amelia's Children

Amelia’s Children (2024) ★★

Overview When Edward’s search for his biological family leads him and his girlfriend Ryley to a magnificent villa high in the mountains

Megalomaniac (2023) ★★

Overview Felix and Martha, the two offspring of legendary serial murderer The Skinner of Mons, grapple with the grotesque legacy bequeathed to

Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Lovely, Dark, and Deep (2023) ★★

Overview Lennon, a new back-country ranger, travels alone through the dangerous wilderness, hoping to uncover the origins of a tragedy that has


Depraved (2019) ★★

A tale of two-halves, as the first was engaging, but the last half began the collapse. Too many loose plot holes and

Somewhere Quiet, 2023 - ★★

Somewhere Quiet (2023) ★★

The initial film poster with glowing red windows of a house and wicked trees and roots might mislead you into thinking something

Baskin, 2015 - ★★

Baskin (2015) ★★

Dang, this one missed the mark for me. Most others rated it way higher than me, but I nodded off a few

Deep Dark

Deep Dark (2015) ★★

Thanks to HorrorSage for the recommendation! This one is hard to rate. It’s barely horror, but under the umbrella of the genre,

Laced, 2023 - ★★

Laced (2023) ★★

Not a horrible first film by director. The single location cabin in winter storm added a nice touch. The acting was ok,

The Portrait, 2023 - ★★

The Portrait (2023) ★★

Slow burn to mediocrity. I thought it was more effective as a psychological thriller than horror. Some might call it supernatural, but

Brooklyn 45

Brooklyn 45 (2023) ★★

Finishing up my 2023 horror movie list with the remaining watchlist selections and Brooklyn 45 was one I put off for a


Walden (2023) ★★

So…Emile Hirsch weirdly resembling Jack Black playing the character Walden Dean? Sorry, but this was mislabeled horror/thriller, as it lacks really any

Older Gods

Older Gods (2023) ★★

Some refer to this as Lovecraftian, but it’s very loosely and generally based on Lovecraft’s concepts of sleeping gods and cosmic horror.