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Lights Out

Lights Out (2013)

Overview YOU SHOULDN’T GO TO SLEEP TONIGHT. A woman prepares for bed, but realizes that something may be lurking in the shadows. Directed by David

Ignore It

Ignore It (2021)

Overview YOU MUST NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE HER. A family struggles to cohabitate with a malevolent spirit that becomes violent whenever its presence is acknowledged.

Pruning (2023)

Overview When a far-right political commentator discovers she has inspired a mass shooting, she must contend with her conscience—by any means necessary.

The Kid and the Camera

The Kid and the Camera (2022)

Overview A young boy named Cailen with a broken camera is visited by a sleep fairy called the Cipsneed, but he’s never

Box Fort

Box Fort (2020)

Overview Based on the Creepypasta and r/NoSleep short story written by Mallory Eddy. One weekend while their parents are away, three sisters


Disguise (2023)

Overview A woman encounters a malevolent presence in her house that can disguise itself as anything. Written & Directed by Tyler Czajkowski. Rating:

Attack of the Helping Hand!

Attack of the Helping Hand! (1979)

Overview General Mills’ popular Hamburger Helper mascot also known as Helping Hand or Lefty, a four-fingered, left-hand white glove, which appears on


Behind (2016)

Overview WHEN YOU’RE ALONE… DO YOU FEEL LIKE THERE’S SOMEONE ELSE WITH YOU? A divorced mother is obsessed with the idea that

Fukuro (Bag) (2001)

Overview 袋 Fukuro (Japanese for “bag” or “sack”) is a 3-minute short film from 2001. It features Pyramid Head and a Lying


Guts (2021)

Overview Use them…or lose them. A guy with his guts on the outside of his body really wants a promotion. Written &


Appendage (2021)

Overview A young fashion designer must make the best of it when her anxiety and self-doubt physically manifest into something horrific. Directed by

Advantage Satan

Advantage Satan (2007)

Overview A young couple stumble home after a big night out. Their frisky interlude at a suburban tennis club lands them a


Allegretto (2017)

Overview A housewife has an unexpected guest at night but things are not as they seem. This independent, uber low budget short

10/65: Self-Mutilation

10/65: Self-Mutilation (1965)

Overview Kren’s 10/65 Selfmutilation is developed from a Günter Brus “action”. What the film emphasizes is the surrealistic drama of symbolic self-destruction


Treevenge (2008)

Overview Treevenge details the experiences and horrifying reality of the lives of Christmas trees. Clearly, for trees, Christmas isn’t the exciting “peace