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10/65: Self-Mutilation (1965)


Kren’s 10/65 Selfmutilation is developed from a Günter Brus “action”. What the film emphasizes is the surrealistic drama of symbolic self-destruction that Kren drew out of Brus’ action, pacing out each gesture so that one gets a tense, iconoclastic revelation of a man covered in white plaster lying surrounded by razor blades and a range of instruments looking as if they have been taken from an operating theatre. The blades, scissors and scalpels are gradually inserted into him in a ritualistic self-operation. (Stephen Dwoskin)


Günter Brus was an interesting figure. He was was an Austrian painter, performance artist, graphic artist, experimental filmmaker, and writer. He passed away just over a month ago from this post at the age of 85. 

This silent film depicts self-mutilation in many bold shots.  It’s creepy, but has its limitations on its entertainment value and symbolic enlightenment.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)