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Treevenge (2008)


Treevenge details the experiences and horrifying reality of the lives of Christmas trees. Clearly, for trees, Christmas isn’t the exciting “peace on earth” that is experienced by most. 

After being hacked down, and shipped away from their homes, they quickly become strung up, screwed into an upright position for all to see, exposed in a humiliation of garish decorations. 

But this Christmas will be different, this Christmas the trees have had enough, this Christmas the trees will fight back. Treevenge could be a short film about the end of days for Christmas trees, or perhaps, the end of humanity?


Over-the-top dark humored short with quite a body count that really serves its purpose to the greater point of how stupid humans can be when viewed from the grand scheme of things.

At 16-minutes, I could see those who wanted it fleshed out into a bigger film, but I thought it was good at the current length to keep the over-the-top exclamation mark on it.

This will be rewatched at least once each Christmas.

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)