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Tumbling Doll of Flesh (1998) ★½

Tumbling Doll of Flesh


Kana tries to end her starring role in an abusive porno. For her, the end comes only after she’s been reduced to a “Tumbling Doll of Flesh”.


Another movie to cross off my viewing list of ‘most disturbing movies of all time’. Tumbling Doll of Flesh is a 97-minute behind the scenes shooting of a porn film which escalates into a snuff film as the lead actress is butchered in the act of sex. Sorry for the spoilers, but anyone who watches this probably isn’t all that concerned about me spoiling the plot. So, yeah, another found footage snuff film making its way on to many top lists for disturbing cinema.

What really makes this more disturbing than at face value is the fact that it starts out with vanilla missionary sex with the promise from the crew of a little S&M. Between takes, the cameraman, director and actors joke nonchalantly and even eat lobster together. It’s so business like…even through the later dismemberment of Kana, our fearfully reluctant porn actress.

The end comes when both porn actors are dead. It’s basically, “that’s a wrap! Now call the cleaning crew.” There are some scenes that appear lifelike; others that are clearly props and effects. It’s grainy found footage that ultimately showcases the mutilation of human beings, but yet censors their nether regions. That feature is either comical or crazy, you decide.

Rating: ★½ (out of 5)

Level of Disturbance: ★★★½ (out of 5)

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