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Catacombs (2007) ★½



Below the city of lights exists a world of darkness.

A young woman in Paris goes to a party in the enormous labyrinth of limestone tunnels beneath Paris. When she becomes separated from her friends, she is convinced something is chasing her through the dark tunnels.


This movie was so unbelievable, redundant and just plain sucked. In other words, it so unbelievably sucked! I paused the movie no less than six times just to see how much time was left. Like a trooper, I stuck it out, watched the whole damn thing, while muttering, “just kill the bitch, already!” over and over. I hated all the characters. In fact, Pink played one of the most unbelievably horrible and cruel sisters you could ever imagine.

Catacombs is basically like a pointless chase scene through a maze. The creepiness of the Paris underground quickly loses its grip early on and you’re left with a neurotic, whiny and annoying young women lost in the tunnels, speaking English to those who don’t understand it and chastising the one French dude she finds down there for walking too fast. This supposedly right after her sister had been maimed by some malevolent idiot wearing an animal mask with horns.

The ending…well, don’t even get me started. I’ve wasted enough time as it is getting to this point. So I’m just gonna rate it…

Rating: ★½ (out of 5)

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