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The Strange World of Coffin Joe (1968) ★★★

The Strange World of Coffin Joe


Zé do Caixão hosts this anthology of three short horror stories which feature a strange dollmaker, a necrophiliac balloon seller with a foot fetish, and a psychotic professor involved in sadistic rituals.


Strange is in the title and it is indeed that. The Strange World of Coffin Joe also has touches of sleaze, gore and irreverence, which makes it a bold film to be released in 1968. It’s oftentimes entertaining to do the time warp in horror and peak into the taboo of decades past.

These 3 stories within the anthology are full of beautiful women and weird men. They are perverse, very sexually charged and extremely weird. All tied together by infamous undertaker and all-around eccentric, Coffin Joe. Who is Coffin Joe? He’s basically an over-the-top villain with unibrow, fingernails like daggers and a cape so dramatic it puts Dracula to shame.

While I can’t say I loved this anthology, it was indeed strange and interesting and a nice reprieve from modern-day horror.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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