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Bag of Lies (2024) ★½

Bag of Lies


Desperate to save his dying wife, Matt turns to The Bag, an ancient relic with dark magic. The cure demands a chilling ritual and strict rules. As his wife heals, Matt’s sanity unravels, facing terrifying consequences.


This movie is definitely a bag of something. Something you don’t want to open or step in.

The Bag of Lies poster comes with the phrase ‘Be careful what you wish for’ and this film delivers on that premise. Be careful not to wish for a movie to be good when all odds are against it. Watch the trailer, follow your gut and save eight bucks.

The horror in this film is weak, the acting sub-par and the story leaves much to be desired. I was lured in by hopes that the writing would really take advantage of its somewhat unique and original premise of saving the dying wife. But it does little, if anything, to tread any new ground within the genre. Then the movie takes an abrupt swan dive into a laughable ending with lackluster effects.

Rating: ★½ (out of 5)

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