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The Grey (2011) ★★★★★

The Grey


Live or die on this day.

Following a grueling five-week shift at an Alaskan oil refinery, workers led by sharpshooter John Ottway are flying home for a much-needed vacation. But a brutal storm causes their plane to crash in the frozen wilderness, and only eight men, including Ottway, survive. As they trek southward toward civilization and safety, Ottway and his companions must battle mortal injuries, the icy elements, and a pack of hungry wolves.


Probably my favorite natural horror movie to be released to date. The Grey is not directly marketed as a horror movie, but the man versus nature horror is off the charts. There’s splashes of real heart in this film from its characters. One of Liam Neeson’s finest performances. The pack of wolves that hunt the men in this film are far scarier than any werewolf horror trope. The ending is beautiful and poetic. So is this horror? Most definitely. At its base, the horror of nature and man’s diminishing reign in its remote parts create enough action, drama, suspense and, yes, straight horror that I classify this film well within the genre. Also, the plane crash is jolting, violent and one of the best realistic experiences I’ve seen portrayed on film. Not too many films get 5-stars from me, but this one meets that standard.

Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)

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