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The Battery (2012) ★★★½

The Battery


In a land ravaged by the undead, Ben and Mickey must learn to survive…each other.

In rural Connecticut, baseball players Ben and Mickey are trying to survive a zombie plague. They are forced to form a battery: a catcher and a pitcher who work together to outwit the batter, the one who hits the ball. And the batter in this case just happens to be a zombie. Tough Ben and gentle Mickey frequently disagree on the best way to go about the situation. Then they suddenly hear a human voice through their walkie-talkies. Is salvation nearby, like Mickey thinks, or is Ben’s suspicion justified?


“If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a zombie.”

If there was a position in baseball where I would choose a partner for the zombie apocalypse, it would definitely be a catcher. Catchers are generally blue collar types of guys. They do the dirty work and aren’t afraid of anything. Much like Ben who is justly portrayed in The Battery.

This movie was made for $6,000 according to TMDB and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable film. A realistic movie about what two teammates would be going through if there was a zombie uprising. As a former baseball player in my youth, this movie struck a chord. I would most definitely be passing the time by playing catch or hitting apples between putting zombies down.

What makes The Battery so good is the relationship between Ben and Mickey. How they differ and clash. The humorous dialogue and situations they find themselves engaged in. This movie has a lot of heart and depth, proof you can make a quality movie with a miniscule budget.

Rating: ★★★½ (out of 5)

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