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DarkGame (2024) ★


A determined detective is in a race against time to stop a twisted game show on the dark web, where captives are forced to compete for their lives.


Nothing more than a bad TV cop drama dressed up to be a full-length feature with the lead overacting his way to a laughable conclusion while most of the cast stumbles through their rigid characters spewing clichéd lines.

Although you would think the basis for this film would be gripping to some extent, the way the story unfolds is humdrum, lackluster and actually tame for a script that screams extremes.

Basically think of this movie as a Saw rip-off broadcast on the dark web but produced for a late night TV sitcom cast with Busch-league actors including a poor-man’s Jim Carrey as the ‘presenter’ and a wannabe Tom Hardy as the lead.

Rating: ★ (out of 5)

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