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Moon Garden (2022) ★★★½

Moon Garden

Moon Garden exemplifies why I have a preference for independent cinema. Its artistic and haunting vision is something that could only thrive outside the constraints of big-budget projects aimed at mass consumption. Instead, it offers a unique, surreal, and heartfelt narrative brought to life on screen.

In this film, we enter a dark fantasy world set amidst an industrial nightmare, where a young girl finds herself caught between life and death. Death is personified as a chattery-teeth specter, while life manifests through the voices of her parents transmitted via a transistor radio, guiding her back to them.

Haven Lee Harris, portraying the five-year-old comatose girl, evokes the spirit of classic child stars like Shirley Temple, adding a familiar yet darkly fantastical dimension to her journey akin to tales such as Alice In Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz. However, Moon Garden takes these themes even further, evoking a strangeness reminiscent of early David Lynch works.

This film is a surreal and artistic gem, brimming with heart and creativity. It may not cater to those seeking a straightforward horror narrative, but I found its execution to be brilliant. It’s a refreshing departure from the norm, embodying the true essence of artistic freedom in independent filmmaking.

Rating: ★★★½ (out of 5)

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