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History of Evil (2023) ★½

History of Evil

History of Evil seemingly attempts to convey a message about its own lack of purpose, set in a futuristic backdrop that adds little to the story. What unfolds is essentially a poorly executed haunted house narrative with convoluted political themes. There’s a noticeable absence of genuine scares or psychological depth, and the characters lack complexity. Paul Wesley’s character, influenced by a dubious “spirit,” inexplicably turns against his family for trivial rewards like apple pie and cocktails.

What’s particularly frustrating is the film’s reluctance to depict any real death scenes, opting instead for vague struggling noises and grunts. Is this supposed to be horror?

The ending leaves much to be desired, seeming rushed and abrupt, as if the filmmakers ran out of resources or enthusiasm. It’s as if they simply declared, “Let’s wrap this thing up,” shot a final scene and called it a movie. And with that, I’ll wrap up this review.

Review: ★½ (out of 5)

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