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Lowlifes (2024) ★★★½



The survival instincts of a road-tripping family are put to the test when they have no other choice but to stay the night at a remote homestead.


“I’d rather eat pussy than people!” screams Amy in the movie Lowlifes. Certainly both are acquired tastes, but I hear the latter is more like chicken than fish.

While there is far greater chance of Donald Trump winning the Nobel Peace Prize than me giving a 5-star rating to a Tubi-original, I’m warming up to the idea. Lowlifes was the first really good original horror movie from Tubi. It reminded me a lot of We’re the Millers if the Millers were crazy fucking cannibals.

From the start, it’s a rather predictable movie. But it’s fun throughout and comedic in all the right places which makes this a better than average film. I’m not quite sure why the road-tripping family needed to stay in a remote homestead when they had a perfectly good RV. But such writing flaws can be set aside as this movie is not one to be taken all that seriously. The acting is great all-around. The plot does twist enough to set it apart from other movies of its kind. Surprisingly, I had a lot of fun watching Lowlifes.

So if the question is: Tu-bi or not Tu-bi? This one is definitely Tu-bi. To be a better Tubi original.

Rating: ★★★½ (out of 5)

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