Sinister Screens


Movie reviews by Shane.

Deliver Us

Deliver Us (2023) ★★★

A few interesting concepts, but nothing to move the needle in the film theme of religious horror / antichrist / messiah baby

Older Gods

Older Gods (2023) ★★

Some refer to this as Lovecraftian, but it’s very loosely and generally based on Lovecraft’s concepts of sleeping gods and cosmic horror.

The Passenger

The Passenger (2023) ★★★½

I had higher hopes for this film, but it was a bleak gritty road trip movie and almost coming-of-age (for character Randolph),


Ragdoll (2024) ½

This is definitely the ragdoll of all movies…moldy acting, storyline stitched and splitting apart at the seams, worn-out theme, raggedy transition of

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse (2019) ★★★½

This is a film mastering in misery and mindfuckery. Isolate two strangers together for 4+ months in ramshackle living quarters working to


Nefarious (2023) ★★★★

A quality psychological thriller with a stellar performance by veteran actor Sean Patrick Flanery. This movie takes place within the jail in


Sisu (2022) ★★★

Easy pick to watch: bad-ass hero who refuses to die paired against Nazis, so it’s easy 3 stars, but nothing more from


Audition (1999) ★★½

It’s been a long time since I first watched this film, but it just doesn’t hold its own as time has passed.


Possum (2018) ★★★★

Weird, bleak and full of mental ruins. If you’re looking for horror with gore or jump scares, this isn’t it. Definitely psychological,


M3GAN (2022) ★★½

OK, so I’m about a year late to the hype on this movie, but no rush if you’ve yet to see it.