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The Signal (2007) ★★★½

The Signal

After immersing myself in a slew of disappointing 2024 horror flicks, I felt the need to recalibrate my cinematic palate. Seeking refuge from the recent disappointments, I opted to revisit an older gem that had eluded my reviewing grasp until now.

The Signal has stood the test of time admirably, maintaining its allure over fifteen years since its initial release. What sets it apart is its unconventional format: a single narrative split into three distinct segments, each helmed by a different director.

The first installment unfolds as a classic action-packed horror scenario, plunging viewers into the chaos triggered by a mysterious signal. Then comes the tonal shift in the second act, injecting a dose of dark humor into the horror as we witness the mental unraveling of those affected by the signal’s influence. The director masterfully crafts an atmosphere of eerie discomfort, capturing the disorientation induced by the signal’s effects.

The third and final segment brings the bizarre horrors of the transmissions to a somewhat optimistic conclusion, wrapping up the story on a note of eerie satisfaction.

Despite its modest budget, The Signal sidesteps the shortcomings often associated with similar productions. The performances are solid, and the overall production keeps audiences thoroughly engaged from start to finish.

Rating: ★★★½ (out of 5)

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