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The Coffee Table (2024) ★★★

The Coffee Table


Jesus and María are a couple going through a difficult time in their relationship. Nevertheless, they have just become parents. To shape their new life, they decide to buy a new coffee table. A decision that will change their existence.


Oh, no! This movie doesn’t bode well for us men getting executive privileges in making family decisions. The father in this movie gets one decision in his favor and all hell breaks loose! The Coffee Table is put on the map of being really bold by the main incident which occurs involving the coffee table, but that’s as far as the black humor goes. The rest of the movie is just revved up tension from the fallout of what occurs.

So the story is bold and pushes the envelope, but the film kind of stalls with a lot of missed opportunities to really increase the black humor. But this is a movie that its premise will generate a lot of discussion and some hate, which is always refreshing. While I give the foundation of the story five stars, the supporting plot and characters don’t elevate it to be a classic. Just a missed opportunity.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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