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Talk to Me (2022) ★★★★★

Talk to Me

Favorite movie of 2023! I had went years watching horror without really being moved or frightened much, but this movie broke that streak. Can’t wait for see the future of these directors (Michael Philippou and Danny Philippou) have in store. Also, the lead (Sophie Wilde) is well-cast and elevates the creepy atmosphere through superior acting.

What’s most striking about this film is that it becomes so believable. Teen parties being involved in some nefarious, rebellious activities is a given. Back in my day, something similar would have been Ouija boards, but this film takes a similar concept and elevates it.

The violent scenes of infected people are jarring and the ramifications of the true horror in this film and how it impacts its characters is devastating.

Five-star reviews are extremely rare, particularly given by me, but Talk To Me reignited my love for the genre, and flat-out scared the hell out of me while doing it.

Rating: ★★★★★ (out of 5)

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