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Stucco (2019)

Trailer (Watch the full movie on YouTube)


J is trying and failing to move forward. While hanging a piece of art in her new home, she knocks a hole in her wall revealing what might be another room. Her mind races to think what could be on the other side as she continues to unravel, with the scars of old relationships keeping her trapped inside. 

This left-of-center short is reminiscent of the slow-burn thrillers of the 70s, using practical effects to conjure the feelings we’re least proud of. This is a film about guilt, depression, and the feeling of stasis. 

Directed and written by Janina Gavankar and Russo Schelling.


tucco 2 with a male lead would go something like this…

Man is initially creeped out by weird hole in wall. Hole lubricates itself with weird slimy substance. Man buys stepladder. Man unzips pants. The real horror begins.

The waking nightmare / dream / imagination sequence in all of these movies is disappointing. In makes for weak horror, almost like it’s a cop-out. Need more substance in horror!

Rating: ★★½ (out of 5)