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Saw II (2005) ★★★½

Saw 2


Oh yes… There will be blood.

The chilling and relentless Jigsaw killer returns to terrorize the city once again. When a gruesome murder victim emerges with unmistakable traces of Jigsaw’s sinister methods, Detective Eric Matthews is thrust into a high-stakes investigation. To his surprise, apprehending Jigsaw seems almost too easy, but what he doesn’t realize is that being caught is merely another piece of Jigsaw’s intricate puzzle.


Saw II begins character building in the series by giving us a firsthand look at Jigsaw, the man. In the first Saw, the killer was mostly hidden. The sequel is a little better, in my opinion, due to the character building. It has no seismic twists, like the first one, but begins with the invention of more interesting traps.

The Saw series so far is just a good series. It’s reliable for horror fans to get a nice dose of quality kills, gore and some intrigue and mystery. I expect the series to remain even. Good not classic or great. Saw II has Donnie Wahlberg taking over the lead from Cary Elwes. The characters aren’t super, but get the plot moving in the right direction and is well-paced and keeps interest.

Definitely worth a watch. I do feel that the series as a whole will be greater than its individual movies.

Rating: ★★★½ (out of 5)

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