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Stranger in the Woods (2024) ★½


Olivia and her friends go on a vacation. After Olivia nearly drowns with a slit wrist in her bathtub after her fiancé’s funeral, her friends suspect that she tried to kill herself, but she believes someone attacked her.


Stranger in the Woods is a twisty low-budget film that tries a little too hard to fit in as a horror movie. Point in fact: all characters in this movie are friends or family. But they market it as a seeming slasher flick with some mysterious stranger in the woods. There is no stranger, of course, as they all knew each other. And the nonexistent stranger does not even lurk in the woods.

This basically is a dark drama of obsession attempting to be upsold to a horror crowd.

There are some bizarre plot holes and shoddy acting scenes, but overall it does a decent job of avoiding the pitfalls of low-budget projects. Just not a movie that stands out in any real way. My rating reduced by 1/2-star due to the gross misrepresentation of its product.

Ranking: ★½ (out of 5)

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