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Cold Meat (2023) ★★★½


Outside is dangerous. Inside is deadly.

David Petersen is passing through the Colorado Rockies. After saving a young diner waitress from her violent ex-husband during a break from driving, he hits the road again alone through a dangerous snow blizzard. One false move behind the wheel has him waking up inside a ravine, in the eye of the storm. But the cold is the least of his worries when a beast starts prowling outside. How will he survive?


Cold Meat is a multi-layered horror midnight snack which skillfully utilizes extreme cold, reminiscent of classics like The Thing, to its advantage. On top of the Cold Meat sandwich, we have a hearty slice of Mother Nature which always reigns supreme when it comes to horror. No monster or man can generate the types of icy fear or savage death that Mother Nature can. Whether it be a twister, tsunami, blizzard or other natural phenomena as the looming menace, She will always reign supreme as the ultimate slasher/monster/spirit. And Cold Meat uses Her effectively through its runtime.

Next you have another topping: the horror of mankind—the sadistic, twisted creatures that reign supreme at the top of the food chain. The serial killer breed being a horror staple which this film nicely layers within.

Last, but not least, this movie gives you a condiment: a dollop of the supernatural in the form of an uncanny creature stalking the mountainside forest

The multi-layering of twists in this movie are effective from the tides turning to the character reveals. Though it walks the line of overdoing it, it pulls everything off but comes up a little too lightly on the condiment. If there was a little more of the supernatural added to it, this might become a favorite midnight snack of mine. But low budget movies can’t always afford high end catering, so I won’t hold this against it.

Allen Leech and Nina Bergman play off one another well, both fine actors who convincingly play their roles throughout. This movie was engaging as a single location horror flick that was pleasing to consume and highly recommended to sample at least once.

Ranking: ★★★½ (out of 5)

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