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Mother, May I? (2023) ★★★

Mother, May I?


You only get one mother.

Emmett enters into a nightmarish game of therapy with his wife Anya, who has inexplicably taken on the persona of his estranged and recently-deceased mother.


You only get one mother…until your wife becomes your mother. Yes, creepy sounding and this film does well in leaving viewers uncomfortable. Grounded in psychology, but hinting at the supernatural, Mother May I? is a grueling slow burn that stars a very convincing Kyle Gallner as the increasingly tormented husband. Nothing like one’s sex life being put on hold after getting cock-blocked by your recently deceased mother!

Mother, May I? is a film that truly has a low ceiling due to its limited plot and storyline. When everything comes together, as it did in this film, you get a good movie. Not a classic one. A solid one time watch and warning that you should never mix hardcore psychological experimentation with hallucinogens. But there is a very good twist in the end that completes both characters’ evolutions, so I would recommend adding it to your watchlist. Just don’t expect it to be a favorite.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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