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John Dies at the End (2012) ★★½

John Dies at the End


Just so you know… they’re sorry for anything that’s about to happen.

A new drug promises out-of-body experiences, but users are coming back changed forever, and an otherworldly invasion of Earth is underway.


John Dies at the End is an extremely bizarre dark comedy. It ranges so far into the weird that it loses really any plot and storyline. The horror is there but nothing that’s hair-raising or suspenseful. If the story could’ve been salvaged into something more coherently interesting, this movie would have been a classic.

You get two likeable characters (John and Dave) and an unfortunate run into some mind altering substance they refer to as Soy Sauce and weird shit entails. But it’s as if one unbelievable bizarre event follows another, stacking up to a porous storyline. Which then leads to a confusing, subpar ending and utter disappointment on how cool this movie could have been.

I had high hopes for John Dies at the End because of the reviews of the book and director Don Coscarelli taking on the movie. But its dependence on the absurd, its convoluted plot and uneven pacing make it a disappointing watch.

Rating: ★★½ (out of 5)

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