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Good Boy (2022) ★★★★

Good Boy


Simply put, he’s a dog.

Christian—a millionaire heir, meets Sigrid—a young student, on a dating app. They hit it off quickly, but there’s only one problem: Christian lives with Frank, a man who dresses up and constantly acts like a dog.


The movie Good Boy would fit well in a list titled ‘Worst Tinder Connections Ever.’ Poor Sigrid…if she’d have only taken her university Psychology class more seriously, it might have set off some alarm bells. She might have avoided her predicament. But then Good Boy wouldn’t have been such an interesting film, so good for Sigrid.

This movie is very minimalistic, but supremely effective in grabbing one’s attention. The bizarre predicament of human-dog Frank being part of Christian’s everyday life really strikes a current of distrust and mystery in both characters. There remains an eerie, almost comedic atmosphere that viewers realize something is about to drop. But a comedy, it is not. It’s just a strange situation, grounded well to reality by the director and its cast. So much so that I’m rethinking, in the middle of watching it, the plausibility of the idea in this day and age where people can choose their genders, why not their species? Makes total sense, considering.

But Good Boy takes a leap into the dark side and the twist caught me off-guard. The movie then veers into stranger, more depraved territory unleashing one final scene that escalates the bizarre once again. This Norwegian movie is nuts. For single, young ladies out there: a cautionary tale: make sure your Prince Charming doesn’t come attached to a Furry. A good tip might be to run away if he shows up on a Tinder date wearing a three-piece suit. Just saying…

Rating: ★★★★ (out of 5)

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