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Frontier(s) (2007) ★½



A gang of young thieves flee Paris during the violent aftermath of a political election, only to hole up at an Inn run by neo-Nazis.


Frontier(s) is thinner than its overview/description. Nothing in the movie was anywhere near coherent. Nothing made much sense. If you’re looking for something with just extreme violence and gore, you might kill a few hours and watch it. Otherwise, there are far more intelligent extreme films out there.

I’m a fan of movies with violence, blood and gore and usually this combination will keep me enthralled. But this film is so bad, I managed to nod off a few times which is extremely rare. Especially when I’m not even tired. You’d think in the midst of this epic bloodbath, I’d at least be on alert for the next riveting decapitation or geyser of blood. But the movie is so bad, I just didn’t care.

The lead woman was a character named Yasmine. I believe the last half of the movie she did nothing but scream, bawl and wail, which got me to thinking… Doesn’t that sort of things take a lot of energy away from escaping? Wouldn’t she have gone hoarse at some point? Is life really that great to be this distraught over your pending demise? If I were being hunted by cannibal neo-nazis, wouldn’t I just shut the fuck up and either quietly fight my way out or wave the white flag on my way to being served up as a long pork luncheon?

Anyway, Frontier(s) will be remembered as the one and only time I ever cheered for Nazis. Just to shut her the hell up.

Rating: ★½ (out of 5)

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