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Dark Harvest (2023) ★★½

Dark Harvest



In a small Midwestern town, a deadly annual ritual unfolds when the mythical nightmare, Sawtooth Jack, rises from the cornfields and challenges the town’s teenage boys in a bloody battle of survival.


Improved acting and a more coherent plot would have significantly improved my rating for this film. Despite its flaws, Dark Harvest did have a standout feature in its impressive monster, Sawtooth, a unique concept effectively brought to life on screen.

The movie offered some enjoyable splatter and gore, but ultimately lacked a cohesive overall experience that could draw me in. Perhaps the attempt to recreate a nostalgic ’60s vibe reminiscent of Grease or West Side Story didn’t quite hit the mark. Thankfully, the film avoided the cliché of characters dancing with pitchforks in cornfields, preventing a total loss of my interest.

Despite my reservations, I did watch the film to the end. While I don’t see myself rewatching it, I believe the monster deserves another chance in a more modern adaptation, perhaps in a higher-budget Halloween production. Dark Harvest earns a star for its originality and an additional 1.5 stars for its impressive creature effects, but little else.

Rating: ★★½ (out of 5)

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