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Climax (2018) ★★★



Birth and death are extraordinary experiences. Life is a fleeting pleasure.

When a dance troupe is lured to an empty school, a bowl of drug-laced sangria causes their jubilant rehearsal to descend into a dark and explosive nightmare as they try to survive the night—and find who’s responsible—before it’s too late.


Seems as if Climax captures one of my typical Friday nights on the dance floor. Except I’m usually just in the corner doing The Robot. If there’s a lot of LSD in the punch bowl, I might even break out The Sprinkler. I’ve built up quite the tolerance, so, to me, even epic Gaspar Noé dance parties seem trivial and lame. Now if there were more carnage on the dance floor, maybe I’d be moved enough to call it a night to remember. But Climax was not that experience.

Irreversible was brilliant, but this film just didn’t really move me in the same way. It was relentlessly chaotic and stress-inducing, but I just didn’t care enough about the scene, the characters or their dance moves to come away with that ‘OMG, this movie is brilliant’ perspective.

But I do applaud Noé’s vision and his drive to be epicly different and outré. Each of his films is definitely a unique experience and worth the viewing. Next Friday, on the dance floor, I will honor his vision by breaking out The Worm.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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