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Brooklyn 45 (2023) ★★

Brooklyn 45

Finishing up my 2023 horror movie list with the remaining watchlist selections and Brooklyn 45 was one I put off for a while because I felt it would not be my cup of tea.

It was, in fact, NOT my cup of tea.

A period piece set in post-WW2 dealing with the ramifications of life after the war and the death that impacted each person in the room. A seance triggers a series of events to spiral out of control. This film is unique as the entirety of this film takes place inside a single room except for guests entering and exiting the Brooklyn home.

The acting was solid and the entire script may have worked better for a stage play. The end result seemed too much like a made-for-tv sitcom than a more in-depth movie experience.

Rating: ★★ (out of 5)

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