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A Most Atrocious Thing (2024) ★★★

A Most Atrocious Thing


Hang on for deer life.

Oh Deer! A weekend getaway becomes deadly when bad blood turns a group of friends against each other.


A Most Atrocious Thing is the shot of low-budget horror comedy I needed to refresh my interest in cinema. When you have Hollywood big budget horror projects that are total shit, it’s cool to know that a group of so-called homies can string together on a pauper’s budget something that stands as far more entertaining and fun to watch.

The special effects in this movie are quite impressive. A mix of the artistic and ludicrous, but worked quite well. What I respected most was that the infected were pretty damn creepy. This movie didn’t take itself too seriously and those who watch it should definitely take it for it was meant to be. But there are some damn interesting scenes and some serious talent showcased in the making of this indie film. It’s quite refreshing.

Rating: ★★★ (out of 5)

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